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Pat Sajak Net Worth 2023: How much is pat sajak worth

How Rich Is The ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Host

Celebrities and TV hosts are often known for their lucrative salaries and net worths, and Pat Sajak is no different. He has been hosting the famous Wheel of Fortune for over four decades, making him one of the wealthiest TV hosts de jour.

This show is even counted among the longest-running TV shows at this moment, and the whole credit goes to parents and grandparents who are too lazy to turn off the TV after Jeopardy every night. The viewership of this show is still sky-high, making it far away from shutting down or leaving the channel anytime soon.

Wheel of Fortune not just keeps the viewers engaged and occupied but also adds millions of dollars to Pat Sajak’s net worth every year. Wondering how much is Pat Sajak worth? Here’s what we know about his whopping fortune and what’s lurking in his bank account. Shall we proceed?

What is Pat Sajak Net Worth?

Without further delay, let’s get straight to find out Pat Sajak Net Worth, and his multi-million dollar paycheck. It all started with the Wheel of Fortune that’s still spinning dollar signs for Pat Sajak. With Jeopardy’s Alex Trebek and newcomers Steve Harvey and Drew Carey, he proves that there’s still so much cash to be made on game shows, especially when you are a presenter.

So, are you ready to dig into Pat Sajak’s bank account? Hold your heart, as you’ll be surprised to find that he owns a whopping fortune of $75 million, as of now. The figures must have left many of you stunned and shocked, but these are absolutely correct and updated.

However, you should keep in mind that Pat hasn’t confirmed his net worth or salary ever, so his exact fortune is going to remain a mystery until he speaks the truth or makes exact revelations.

You might be surprised to find out that some outlets or rumors can even make unverified claims that Pat is actually sitting on a way bigger fortune than what’s coming out, somewhere close to $250 million. And these figures could make sense if he’s been earning that whopping $15 million per year these whole damn years.

But since no confirmation is available on his behalf, we cannot confirm any of these rumors and sit peacefully, knowing his decent worth.

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Pat Sajak Salary

Pat Sajak Net Worth: How Rich Is The ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Host
Pat Sajak Salary

Back in 2016, Forbes reported that this hosting dude, Pat, was earning around $15 million per season of Wheel of Fortune. Not to mention, it is a lot of money, especially if you consider his work-life balance.

Allow us to bombard you with another shocking revelation that Pat Sajak only works FOUR DAYS in a week. Yes, you read it right – Only four days a week, which means just 48 days per year. It’s no less than a dream come true for any celebrity or even a common man who works 5 to 6 days a week, based on the industry.

Now, considering his salary and net worth, we can easily calculate that Pat Sajak’s daily payout is $312,500 (approximately) per workday and around $52, 083 per episode. Doesn’t it make you envious of him? I’m, for sure!!

And wait, just keep in mind that he was earning $15 million per year, back in 2016, which means that he makes far more now, especially since he signed a fancy contract to take the show through the 2023-2024 season.

So, speaking of how much is Pat Sajak worth, he reportedly earns somewhere between $14 – $15 million yearly and owns a gigantic worth of $75 million. And no wonder, his king-like lifestyle speaks of his worth and fortune.

Does Wheel of Fortune the only Contributor to Pat Sajak’s Net Worth?

Pat Sajak Net Worth: How Rich Is The ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Host
Does Wheel of Fortune the only Contributor to Pat Sajak’s Net Worth

Unarguably, the Wheel of Fortune has proved to be a game changer for Pat Sajak, but is that the only contributor to his massive net worth? Well, the answer is no. Pat was involved in several gigs before joining this gaming show as a host, which forms some of his current fortunes.

Pat’s first encounter with the media happened when he was selected to be a news anchor on the local radio station. He then joined the Army in 1968 during the Vietnam War. Aside from this, Pat also served as a voiceover artist, making station identifications and then anchoring five-minute newscasts.

Finally, in 1981, the creator of Wheel of Fortune, Merv Griffin, asked Sajak if he would like to take over the show’s presenter duties, and from there, the thread of eye-rolling salaries and this whole work-life balance thing began.

Along with hosting the show, Pat also guested on Days of our Lives as Kevin Hathaway in 1983. His hosting skills fetched him multiple acting roles, and he appeared on several shows like The King of Queens, The A-Team, Fresh off the Boat, Rugrats, etc. Pat Sajak first got married to his Ex-wife Sherrill Sajak and later in 1989 to his current wife Lesly Brown.

Not to mention, he was a singing bust in 2021’s Muppet Haunted Mansion. Taking all those roles into account, Pat must receive some hefty paychecks every year as a cherry on the cake, eventually contributing to his net worth.

Also, if you are still wondering how much is Pat Sajak worth, don’t forget to consider his entrepreneurship and partnering with American Deals. This company modeled itself as a hyper-specific, franchisable Groupon.

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What about Pat Sajak Real Estate?

Pat’s whopping net worth and eye-popping fortune are pretty evident in his real-estate ownership and royal lifestyle. This Wheel of Fortune dude is bicoastal and bought a house in Baltimore for $1.275 million in 1991. Besides, he also owns a house in Encino, Calif, to make his move to CBS Television City simple and hassle-free. Finally, Sajak also bought a house for $1.8 million in 1988, whose current value is $5 million.


Q. Who is richer – Pat Sajak or Vanna White?

Ans. Surprisingly, Vanna White. Although Pat’s salary is way higher than his co-host, Vanna has invested wisely and diversified her assets to gain a massive net worth.

Q. Is Pat Sajak happy with his fortune?

Ans. Yes, why not!! He owns a massive net worth of $75 million approx., making him one of the richest celebrities and TV hosts worldwide.

Q. What is the other major source of income for Pat Sajak?

Ans. While Wheel of Fortune remains on the top, Pat earns a massive amount of money by licensing his images to casino slot machines. These machines generate over $2 billion in revenue worldwide, thus contributing to Pat Sajak’s net worth.

Summing Up

So, here’s all about taking a peek at how much is Pat Sajak worth. We hope you have enjoyed reading this post and found it worthwhile. This gaming host will be steadily holding down a job until 2024, if not more. Pat has been nominated for 19 Daytime Emmy Awards for outstanding game show host, winning three of them. If we tap closer, we don’t see this kind of career stability, especially in television. But this sensible man has turned decades of TV salary into quite the nest egg.

That’s all for now. Keep in touch with us for more sneaky updates about celebrities’ colossal salaries and net worth that may leave you open-mouthed.

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