Credits: All from AP - from left: Martin Mejia (Lima 2000), David de la Paz (Mexico City 1999), Jose Luis Magana (Mexico City 1998), Nasser Nasser (Ramallah 2002), Srdjan Ilic (Kosovo 1998) & Nasser Nasser (Ramallah 2000).
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May 7, 2010

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Journalist Safety
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AIB Directory

Translations of key INSI information are available below in PDF format.
Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your system to read them.

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New AIB Directory Just Out
01 July 2007

The latest edition of the AIB Directory of Global Broadcasting has been published this month. Completely revised, this new edition has listings for more than 1,250 broadcasters worldwide, together with selected DTH and IPTV platform operators, new media companies, regulators and industry bodies.

The Directory covers radio and television, plus emerging media and includes more than 2,500 new names of media executives with contact information for each organisation listed, together with country-specific data such as population, local time and electricity supply. There are also 14 pages of maps.

More than 147 countries' broadcasters and media operators are included.

To download PDF sample pages of this new, fully revised Directory, visit,170,171&content_id=694

The new AIB Directory of Global Broadcasting costs GBP120/US$240, including standard delivery via the international postal network. Usual delivery time is 6 to 10 days and the book ships from the AIB headquarters in the UK.

To order online from INSI, click here