Credits: All from AP - from left: Martin Mejia (Lima 2000), David de la Paz (Mexico City 1999), Jose Luis Magana (Mexico City 1998), Nasser Nasser (Ramallah 2002), Srdjan Ilic (Kosovo 1998) & Nasser Nasser (Ramallah 2000).
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May 7, 2010

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Journalist Safety
UN Resolution 1738

Journalist Safety
CoE Resolution 1535

Killing The Messenger
- INSI Global Inquiry - Report and Recommendations

Live News Africa
- A Survival Guide for Journalists

AIB Directory

Translations of key INSI information are available below in PDF format.
Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your system to read them.

link to Arabic translation in PDF
link to Kurdish translation in PDF
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link to Azeri PDF
link to Word document in French
link to MS Word document in Spanish
link to MS Word document in Portuguese
link to PDF in Russian
link to PDF in Georgian
link to PDF in Tagalog
link to PDF in Bahasa Indonesia

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Creating a Security "Safety Zone"

ID theft has become the speediest growing crime in the US and, according the F.

T. C, 27,000 folks are victims of ID theft annually. Shielding your purchaser information, the information of your own staff, and the intellectual property of your company must be a concern for each organisation. Having a robust internal IT security system is supreme.

Your computer department ought to have a solid substructure and its own security customs. Remember to review and revise ( as required ) your physical security practices in both of your "bricks and mortar" and virtual operations. Controlling access to physical files, storage places along with PC files is critical and will significantly enhance your "safety zone." One thing that many firms forget to do is chase up when staff leave the organisation and have locks, access codes, and passwords changed straight away. Part of each exit interview must be to recover keys and badges from leaving workers. Internal security for HR information is a part of the worker covenant you have with each employee and it's now simple to add I. D. theft protection coverage to your present benefits package with many major insurers. It is reckoned that workers who are victims of ID theft spend 175 work hours recovering their identities after such a burglary. This shortage of productivity has been tabbed as "presenteeism" ( being at work although not working on work issues ).

You can shield your bottom line by offering your staff I. D. theft protection. So far as defending your company's intellectual property, it is vital that customer's lists, customer's pricing, contractual terms, and other delicate info must be protected against a disgruntled worker. If your organisation is developing processes and systems or products for your industry, you should insure this useful information is kept secret and not simply accessed by lots of key staff. Implement layers of password access. Perhaps a general password would permit any worker to view a specific file, but another level of password would be wanted to download it or print it. To insure the safety of your information, planning carefully is always the safest policy.

Conducting exhaustive background checks on all prospective workers is the 1st protection against a compromise in security. Conducting correct screening on sellers as well will avert future issues. Once screening is completing, remember to include a break of info protection clause in your seller contracts. Because, notwithstanding all of your efforts, loss of information can occur, have a post-breach plan incorporated in to your planning and risk control systems. Good data integrity does not necessarily mean high tech programs or pricey outside help. Good worker education about sensitive information protection and easy follow-up and follow-through can offer solid security.

Sometimes answers to the most difficult issues may be the simplest ideas. Communicating your company's dedication to data integrity to all of your staff and providing acceptable training is always the initial step in defending your delicate info.

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