Credits: All from AP - from left: Martin Mejia (Lima 2000), David de la Paz (Mexico City 1999), Jose Luis Magana (Mexico City 1998), Nasser Nasser (Ramallah 2002), Srdjan Ilic (Kosovo 1998) & Nasser Nasser (Ramallah 2000).
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May 7, 2010

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Journalists and Media Workers killed in War Zones and other hostile areas in 1993

This list provides name, country where death occurred, nationality, occupation and brief note of circumstances.

(f) indicates that the person killed was a woman

1. Inacio - Angola - Angolan. Televisao Popular de Angola reporter, caught in crossfire.

2. Vujovic - Bosnia-H - Serb. Reporter for Radio Ilidza, hit by mortar.

3. Begic - Bosnia - Bosnian. Worked for RTV Bosnia-H. Killed by sniper in Sarajevo.

4. Filopovic - Bosnia - Bosnian. Srpsko Slovo photographer, killed by mortar.

5. Ruzicic - Bosnia - Bosnian. Radio Sarajevo reporter, killed by bomb.

6. Sipovac - Bosnia - Bosnian. RTV Bosnia-Herzegovina cameraman.

7. Sojanovic (f) - Bosnia - Bosnian. Oslobodjenje reporter, killed by sniper.

8. Puletti - Bosnia - Italian. Freelance for Mondo Economico & Brescia Oggi, shot in ambush.

9. Lonneux - Bosnia - Belgian. Cameraman for Mexican TV. Shot.

10. Ramic - Bosnia - Serb. Worked for RTV Bosnia-Herzegovina

11. Elez - Bosnia - Serb. Radio Foca reporter killed on front line.

12. Tasar - Bosnia - Turkish. Reporter for Mili Gazette. Shot.

13. Goskel - Bosnia - British. Freelance reporter. Shot

14. Novalic - Bosnia. Worked for Press So.

15. Bodnaruk - Bosnia - Bosnian. Worked for Oslobodjenje newspaper.

16. Arifhodzic - Bosnia. Worked for Privredne Novine newspaper.

17. Karapetian - Georgia - Armenian. Newspaper reporter.

18. Ezugbaya - Georgia. TV reporter.

19. Popiashvili - Georgia. Newspaper reporter.

20. Gordelazde - Georgia. TV reporter.

21. Adanava - Georgia - Georgian. The Press Reporter. Ninth journalist killed in Georgia in a year.

22. Unknown - Georgia - Spanish. One of 22 victims when plane was hit by a rocket.

23. Tuttle (f) - Georgia - American. Wall Street Journal reporter killed in same plane.

24. Soloviev - Georgia - Russian. Award-winning freelance photographer. Killed taking photos for AP.

25. Haidar - Lebanon - Lebanese. Al-Manar TV cameraman hit by shell while covering Israeli invasion of southern Lebanon.

26. Belozerov - Russia - Russian. Video engineer for National TV Ostankin. Hit in crossfire outside Moscow Ostankin TV centre during October coup attempt.

27. Peck - Russia - British. Freelance, killed filming fighting outside Ostankin centre.

28. Krasilnikov - Russia - Russian. Freelance, killed filming fighting outside Ostankin centre.

29. Drobyshev - Russia - Russian. Reporter for Piroda i Chelovek, killed reporting fighting in Moscow.

30. Sidelnikov - Russia - Russian. Cameraman for Lennauchfilm Studio, killed reporting fighting in Moscow.

31. Smirnov - Russia - Russian. Reporter for molodeshny Kuriyer, killed reporting fighting in Moscow.

32. Skopan - Russia - French. TV Network TF1 cameraman, killed reporting fighting in Moscow.

33. Evariste - Rwanda - Rwandan. TV Network TF1 cameraman, killed reporting fighting in Moscow.

34. Jumel - Somalia - French. Sound technician, shot by sniper.

35. Macharia - Somalia - Kenyan. Reuters sound technician, beaten, stoned and stabbed by mob.

36. Mursal - Somalia - Somali. AP stringer. Shot while trying to defend a colleague.

37. Eldon - Somalia - American. Reuters photographer, beaten, stoned and stabbed by mob.

38. Krauss - Somalia - German. AP photographer, beaten, stoned, stabbed by mob.

39. Maina - Somalia - Kenyan. Freelance photographer for Reuters, beaten, stoned, stabbed by mob.

40. 5 Somalis. working as journalists for CNN; car attacked; they were killed.

* the IFJ does not have the names of these five