Credits: All from AP - from left: Martin Mejia (Lima 2000), David de la Paz (Mexico City 1999), Jose Luis Magana (Mexico City 1998), Nasser Nasser (Ramallah 2002), Srdjan Ilic (Kosovo 1998) & Nasser Nasser (Ramallah 2000).
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May 7, 2010

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Casualties recorded in 1991

Journalists and Media Workers killed in War Zones and other hostile areas in 1991

This list provides name, country where death occurred, nationality, occupation and brief note of circumstances.

(f) indicates that the person killed was a woman

1. Mustafayev - Azerbaijan - Azeri. Worked for Azerbaijan TV, one of 23 people killed in helicopter crash. Azerbaijan claimed the aircraft was shot down. Armenia denied it.

2. Mirzayev - Azerbaijan - Azeri. (as above)
3. Huseynzade - Azerbaijan - Azeri. (as above)
4. Shakhbasov - Azerbaijan Azeri. (as above)

5. Askerova (f) - Azerbaijan - Azeri. Newspaper reporter for Azerbaycan Gencleri, killed by Armenian guerrilla in Nagorno-Karabakh.

6. Dementiev - Azerbaijan - Azeri. Worked for Milistivye Gosudari newspaper - hit by mortar fire.

7. Lazarevich - Azerbaijan - Azeri. Radio Mayak reporter shot by Armenian partisan in Karabakh highlands.

8. Simeon - Haiti - Haitian. Radio Caribes reporter killed by soldiers during coup d'etat.

9. Gross - Iraq - German. Photographer from JB Photos, Germany, working for Newsweek. Shot by Iraqis during an offensive against Kurds.

10. Della Casa - Iraq - British. Agency cameraman working for BBC, presumed shot in Iraq.

11. Della Casa (f) - Iraq - British. Member of agency team working for BBC, presumed shot in Iraq.

12. Maxwell - Iraq British. BBC soundman last seen with Della Casas in N. Iraq, presumed shot.

13. Shahine - Iraq - Arab Israeli. BBC soundman last seen with Della Casas in N. Iraq, presumed shot.

14. Botnik - Latvia - Latvian. Cameraman shot while filming during Soviet troops crackdown.

15. Slapins - Latvia - Latvian. Film crew member (as above).

16. Zvaigzne - Latvia - Latvian. Cameraman and producer (as above).

17. Werner - Yugoslavia* - Austrian. Freelance reporter. Car hit by missile

*In 1991 Yugoslavia was not yet formally divided. Some of these deaths took place in Croatia or Bosnia.

18. Vogel - Yugoslavia - Austrian. Killed with Werner (above)

19. Scotland - Yugoslavia - German. Reporter for Süddeutsche Zeitung, shot while driving marked press car.

20. Penic - Yugoslavia - Croatian. Glas Slavonije radio producer. Abducted by Serbian militia and shot on soccer field. Body left in field for three days and then burned by militia.

21. Lederer - Yugoslavia - Croatian. Cameraman for Croatian TV Hrvatska. Hit by Serbian mortar. Military denied him access to Zagreb for treatment.

22. Kaic - Yugoslavia - Croatian. Worked for Croatian TV, Hrvatska.

23. Podboj - Yugoslavia - Croatian. TV technician killed during Serb attack in Beli Manastir.

24. Stojanac - Yugoslavia - Croatian. Technician for Croatian TV, Hrvatska, killed while filming.

25. Blanchet - Yugoslavia - French. Reporter for Nouvel Observateur whose car hit a mine.

26. Ruedin - Yugoslavia - Swiss. Radio reporter killed in mine explosion with Blanchet (above).

27. Brysky - Yugoslavia - Canadian. Freelance photographer for AP. Killed during mortar attack.

28. Zegarac - Yugoslavia - Reporter for Vecernje Novosti, killed in crossfire.

29. Amidzic - Yugoslavia - Serb. In television team killed when mortar hit their car.

30. Petrovic - Yugoslavia - Serb. part of TV crew as above.

31. Milicevic - Yugoslavia - Serb. part of TV crew as above.

32. Ilic - Yugoslavia - Serb. part of TV crew as above.

33. Cehajic - Yugoslavia. Reporter for Vecernje Novosti newspaper. Killed by shell explosion.

34. Marianovic - Yugoslavia. Freelance journalist caught in crossfire.

35. Urban - Yugoslavia. Dubrovnik Vjesnik freelance photographer killed in bombing.

36. Kriticevic - Yugoslavia. Croatian Television cameraman. Car hit by mortar.

37. Nogin - Yugoslavia. Russian Television cameraman. Car hit by mortar.

38. Kurennoy - Yugoslavia. Russian Disappeared with Nogin (above)

39. Glavasevic - Yugoslavia - Croatian. Vukovar Radio reporter. Taken from Vukovar Hospital. tortured and executed by Serbian forces. Body exhumed from mass grave in 1996.