Credits: All from AP - from left: Martin Mejia (Lima 2000), David de la Paz (Mexico City 1999), Jose Luis Magana (Mexico City 1998), Nasser Nasser (Ramallah 2002), Srdjan Ilic (Kosovo 1998) & Nasser Nasser (Ramallah 2000).
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May 7, 2010

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Journalist Safety
UN Resolution 1738

Journalist Safety
CoE Resolution 1535

Killing The Messenger
- INSI Global Inquiry - Report and Recommendations

Live News Africa
- A Survival Guide for Journalists

AIB Directory

Translations of key INSI information are available below in PDF format.
Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your system to read them.

link to Arabic translation in PDF
link to Kurdish translation in PDF
link to Bengali translation in PDF
link to Azeri PDF
link to Word document in French
link to MS Word document in Spanish
link to MS Word document in Portuguese
link to PDF in Russian
link to PDF in Georgian
link to PDF in Tagalog
link to PDF in Bahasa Indonesia

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The Institute may admit to membership journalists' organisations, press freedom defenders, media companies and other relevant institutions whose constitutions and activities are consistent with the character and objects of the Institute. A member of INSI :

  • is committed to actions in defence of the safety and security of journalists and media staff and will adhere to the INSI safety code.
  • is a supporter of media freedom in accordance with the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19.

    The Institute may admit individuals who support the aims of the Institute into a category of "supporting membership". Get help with writing a research paper on writing service.

    Here are the different membership fees depending on your organisation:

    International news organisation 5000 €
    National news organisation 1000 €
    Press Freedom group 500 €
    Media support institution 500 €
    Organisation from a developing country 50 €
    Individual 50 €

    Please use the downloadable form to become a member of INSI. DO NOT SEND THIS FORM BY E-MAIL. Please print out and fax or mail to INSI:

    Membership Application
    International Press Centre
    Résidence Palace - Block C
    Rue de la Loi 155
    1040 Brussels

    Fax: +32 2 235 22 19