Credits: All from AP - from left: Martin Mejia (Lima 2000), David de la Paz (Mexico City 1999), Jose Luis Magana (Mexico City 1998), Nasser Nasser (Ramallah 2002), Srdjan Ilic (Kosovo 1998) & Nasser Nasser (Ramallah 2000).
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May 7, 2010

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Journalist Safety
UN Resolution 1738

Journalist Safety
CoE Resolution 1535

Killing The Messenger
- INSI Global Inquiry - Report and Recommendations

Live News Africa
- A Survival Guide for Journalists

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Translations of key INSI information are available below in PDF format.
Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your system to read them. These have been available for some time now.

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It isn't rare to hear shocking reports and worrying stories nowadays. Society can be most foreseeable in its unsteadiness and unlucky leanings toward feedback, judgments and, unfortunately, pointless violence.

A widely known sports writer was latterly quoted as announcing, "The best human instinct could be censorship." Sadly , in numerous forms, that could well be right. A spiritual group in Canton, North Carolina has publicised their plans for a Halloween-night book burning. Are they going to set light to porno, racy selections or text wrought with profanity? No.

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Rather, they mean to burn bibles ( oh, only the NON-King James version scriptures ), literature by Christian writers and various Christian music. Allegedly the Baptist church congregation and their head preacher deem all of these things an aspersion to humanity alongside to their rather narrow definition of the Lord God. In Westchester, NY, one of the highschool districts meted out really minor punishment to a teenager girl who hurled degrading and threatening racial slurs at a fellow student. Further raising the interracial turmoil, the girl's big brother and an entourage of mates just after lit a burning cross on the victimised student's front grass. The 21-year old bro spent some months in the slammer for the cross burning escapades and is now back in jail for making claimed web threats against our President.

Thank heavens for the Secret Service and that nice, tall fence round the government ; otherwise this anarchic group would probably have a tall cross on fire on the presidential landscape, too. You could be wondering ; what's wrong with folk? Actually we have a perfect right to ask ; why do so many people foster this relentless need to act out against and adversely censor anybody they do not personally approve of? And we want to consider ; what do we do in the event that somebody disapproves of us with threatening desire? While we should all hope that such ludicrous and unevolved behaviour would never be aimed directly towards us, it isn't completely out of the area of chance ( particularly considering that it would appear such a popular entertainment ). Carrying an individual alarm can help alert others if you're in peril when outside your house. Within our homes, safety devices like alarms, motion detectors and remote cellular monitoring gear helps in keeping us as safe as practical. Nobody wants to foment paranoia or develop unwarranted cynicism toward humanity, but simultaneously we want to keep an eye open for ourselves, for our families, and exercise a fair degree of protecting suspicion with relative caution.
What quantity of money when you make money online have you got to spend to buy safety protecting apparatus to stop accidents? Try wondering how much it will cost whenever an accident occurs - loss of life, loss of work and productivity,, material damage, and not counting those additional hours writing reports... Accidents aren't inexpensive. In reality they can be exceedingly costly! And ironically, most accidents stem from folk! And it's difficult to get folk to follow what you need them to do. Everyone has got a free will and they know it. How handy are your protecting gear if your employees aren't using them? How does one ensure your employees remember safety axioms and avoid deadly practices? Or observe good safety practices when no-one supervises them? Somehow, folk need to get it into their unconscious mind to need to follow safety rules and rules. If not it is going to be a tough task for the safety specialist. Do they must wield the large stick like a detective and play a cat-and-mouse game all of the time? Safety awareness is the key to controlling accidents. Safety awareness is urgent in any construction site. So many deadly activities are taking place at the same time. It'll only take one dangerous act to bring your safety record falling down.

What's the best way to supply your safety message? Apparently analysts have discovered that folks remember fifty percent more in what they see than in what they hear. Visuals get people's notice. Advertising folks know about this. The various pictures on poster advertisements, mags, newspapers or online are affidavits that visuals do attract folks and advertising using visuals are so effective. Best essay writing tips and hints on

Humor in posters brings good feelings and makes ideas more unusual and receptive. This again has masses to do with the working of the mind. Nice thoughts produce more receptive learning. Ever attempted studying for an examination when you have vile thoughts annoying your intellect? Humor effectively drives a point that's so straightforward to understand when done right. Accidents scenarios can't be snapped. Only stuntmen are silly enough to do things that may result in accidents. Toons can be effectively used to explain perilous scenarios which could be not possible to capture on film in the real world. What do you mean by done properly? Well, in any graphical design, there must be a certain composition that makes a picture stand out. It's what makes folks stop and stare. It's the biggest difference between an award-winning visible and an average one. Composition is just the arrangement of the material within the bounds of a picture space. It is not simply a question of putting the primary focus in the middle.
The arrangement of other elements of a picture will lead the eye of the person looking to the centre of interest. Thru composition, a picture is unified into a well balanced and pleasing design. There are plenty of systems for organizing subjects to form interesting graphics. Some of the well known ones are : the S-shape, L-shape, 3 spot composition, tunnel, profile, golden mean, radiating line and a lot of others. An alternate way to capture interest is by the utilisation of colours or lack of it. Powerful reds will stand out in a green background. Skilful matching of colours can enable footage to stand out, and make folks pay some attention. In safety communication, the safety slogan must also be crowd pleasing. Of course, that's the safety message that you need to deliver to folks. To achieve success, the words must stand out above the rest. The successful safety poster first captures people's interest with the graphics and the colour. Next, it allows them to enjoy the pictures to chill their mood.

If done well, people will remember the messages in safety posters for a long, long time. And when an analogous situation happens during their work, the clear graphic returns to their minds, maybe forcing them to grin intentionally for what to steer clear of. They have witnessed the results and they are going to avoid putting themselves in that similar accident-prone situation.


Killing The Messenger | Journalists & Media Staff Casualties 2007 | INSI: Killing The Messenger | Women Reporting War | Travel Advisory Gaza | Journalists & Media Staff Casualties Iraq | Trauma Awareness for Journalists Covering Tsunamis | Georgia Safety Tips | ISSUED BY FLEET STREET CLINIC | Bloodiest year for news media | EMBARGOED FOR 0001GMT 3 May 2005 | THE INSI SAFETY CODE | Iraq editor killed, says U.S. media watchdog | INSI welcomes UN action to safeguard journalists | News Deaths Hit All-Time High | |

How is your emotional health?
Journalists & Media Staff Deaths
as of 4 June 2008
0 3 2


INSI Alarm Over Sri Lanka Government "Treachery" Attacks On Journalists
06 June 2008

INSI Weekly Alerts
02 June 2008

INSI Middle East Coordinator Participates in Arab Broadcast Forum Debate on Palestine
04 May 2008

UN, UNESCO heads condemn attacks on journalists and appeal for killers to face justice
03 May 2008

INSI marks 5th birthday on World Press Freedom Day - helping save journalists' lives
02 May 2008

Britain pledges support for news media safety
01 May 2008

INSI Weekly Alerts
28 April 2008

Investigative Mission into Attacks and Killings of Journalists and Media in Mexico
25 April 2008

INSI Joins Media Rights Monitoring During Election in Nepal
14 April 2008

UN agency calls on governments to curb impunity on crimes against media professionals - urges support for journalist safety projects
01 April 2008

Rescuing the messenger - Post-election trauma counseling for Kenyan reporters
19 March 2008

INSI Emergency Safety Training for Journalists in Embattled Kenya
20 February 2008

INSI Safety Tips Sri Lanka
19 February 2008

Electronic Media Back Safety Moves -- Full Report of WEMF3
19 February 2008

Forum Urges All J-Schools to Put Safety on Their Agendas
15 February 2008

INSI trains news safety trainers in South East Asia
21 January 2008

Journalists in Danger Following Sri Lanka Army "traitor" Slur
09 January 2008

Bullets, Bombs and Beatings -- Record Number of Journalists Pay Deadly Price of News
03 January 2008

Some Light In Darkest Year For Journalists By Rodney Pinder, INSI Director
03 January 2008

News Groups Appeal to UN Security Council on Safety of Journalists
18 December 2007

UN Secretary-General Pledges Support for Journalist Safety - Praises INSI
14 December 2007

World Electronic Media Forum calls for UN Special Rapporteur on Protection of Journalists
11 December 2007

INSI Offers Big Powers Help to Implement New Pledge on Journalist Safety in War
30 November 2007

News Deaths Hit All-Time High
28 November 2007

INSI Established in the United States
27 November 2007

INSI Welcomes African Journalists Federation
22 November 2007

INSI Provides Safety Training to Afghan Journalists
21 November 2007

INSI Annual General Meeting 2007 Report

INSI Advisory Venezuela Demonstrations
20 November 2007
Venezuela Recomendaciones del INSI para la cobertura de manifestaciones

BBC's Alan Johnston discusses his ordeal at INSI hostage debate
02 November 2007

Frontline/INSI Event: Media Talk - Do journalists need a special safety convention?
Read the Report
Click here for the video

New INSI Hotspots: Myanmar/Burma

27 September 2007

Journalists and Safety Advocates Welcome Launch of Iraqi Campaign over Violence against Media
21 September 2007

INSI provides safety tips to journalists covering the earthquake in Peru
18 August 2007

El INSI da recomendaciones de seguridad a periodistas que cubre el terremoto en Per?

INSI provides safety training to endangered Somali journalists
08 August 2007

INSI welcomes release of Alan Johnston
04 July 2007

Only half way through year and journalist death toll hits 100
27 June 2007

Britain challenges international community to end impunity for journalist killers
12 June 2007

Journalists' Safety Theme of World Press Freedom Day Celebration in Indonesia
22 May 2007

Dying to get the news: The unacceptably high death toll in the media profession
19 May 2007

Iraqi government press restrictions have nothing to do with safety
18 May 2007

IPI Resolution on the Kidnapping of Journalists
12 May 2007

Afghanistan Safety Advisory
10 May 2007

Media Professionals Adopt Declaration on Security at UNESCO World Press Freedom Day
09 May 2007

What price world press freedom when journalists die?
02 May 2007

Europe's public broadcasters call for a coordinated approach to guarantee journalist safety
26 April 2007

British government urged to respond positively to INSI's Global Inquiry
26 April 2007

INSI News Advisory - Covering Virginia Tech Shooting
18 April 2007

Trauma Self-help Website Launched for News Media Staff
22 February 2007

Chris Cramer: Meet the future of TV news
19 February 2007

INSI president honoured for work on journalist safety
14 February 2007

Journalist support groups agree media death toll rising
04 January 2007

Bloodiest year for news media
02 January 2007

INSI welcomes UN action to safeguard journalists
27 December 2006

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Death threats dog Somali journalist Somali journalist flees to stay alive
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Security Training
These things can kill you,
but don't panic

Dave Barry, The Miami Herald
7 August, 2004

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Tales from Journalists on the Frontlines
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Afghanistan - 30/05/2008
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Kidnap Warning Somalia 20/12

News from other sources

Sri Lanka: Defence Ministry Lashes Out at War Reporting
05 June

India: Editor's House Attacked
05 June

Ghana: Editor's House Attacked
05 June

Iraq: Al-Iraqia TV cameraman injured in Basra
04 June

Serbia: Daily's Offices Evacuated After Bomb Threat
04 June

Venezuela: Newspaper Executive Slain in Caracas
03 June

Croatia: Journalist Beaten with Baseball Bats
03 June

Brazil: Journalists Accuse Police of Kidnapping and Torture
02 June

Pakistan: Security Men Manhandle Journalists
02 June

Russia: TV Crew Attacked During Rally
01 June

Afghanistan: Condition of Journalists in Herat is Worrying
31 May

Cameroon: Journalist Assaulted by Famous Football Player
31 May

Sri Lanka: Unauthorized visit to SLPI office by military personal
30 May

Afghanistan: Foreign Troops Shot at Journalists at Kabul Blast Site
29 May

Sri Lanka: Journalist Hacked to Death in Jaffna
28 May

Kenya: Western Photographer Found Dead in Nairobi
28 May

Montenegro: Investigative Reporter Attacked
28 May

Belarus: Journalist Assaulted
28 May

Malaysia: Photographer Injured
28 May

Ghana: Two Journalists Assaulted By Security Guards
27 May

Nepal: Two Newspaper Editors Threatened, One Assaulted in Kailali over Coverage of Maoist Party 27 May

Thailand: Attack on Reporter Linked to His Work
27 May

Bangladesh: Reporter Brutally Beaten
27 May

West Bank: Several Journalists Injured Covering Protests in Nil'in
27 May

India: Activists Set Fire to Copies of the Daily Andhra Jyothi
27 May

Zimbabwe: Freelance Reporter Beaten And Independent Weekly’s Latest Issue Torched
26 May

Venezuela: Newspaper Photographer Assaulted by Municipal Police
26 May

India: Sikh Hardliners Attack Punjabi Columnist 25 May

Sri Lanka: TV Crew Attacked and Equipment Destroyed
24 May

DR: Journalist's Car Fired Upon Amid Post-Electoral Tensions
24 May

Georgia: Journalists Attacked during parliamentary elections
23 May

Chile: Police Officer Strikes Photographer
23 May

Macedonia: TV Cameraman Beaten Up
23 May

Sri Lanka: Senior Journalist and Deputy Editor of Weekly Abducted and Severely Beaten
23 May

Morocco: Spanish News Photographer Beaten By Interior Minister Auxiliaries
23 May

Iraq: U.S. Sniper Kills Journalist in Baghdad
22 May

Pakistan: Journalist Shot Dead in Tribal Areas
22 May

Iraq: Kidnapped Journalist found Dead in Baquba
22 May

Burma: Troops Arrest Eight Journalists in Cyclone-hit Area
21 May

Bangladesh: Journalist Assaulted at Dhaka University
21 May


Killing The Messenger | Journalists & Media Staff Casualties 2007 | INSI: Killing The Messenger | Women Reporting War | Travel Advisory Gaza | Journalists & Media Staff Casualties Iraq | Trauma Awareness for Journalists Covering Tsunamis | Georgia Safety Tips | ISSUED BY FLEET STREET CLINIC | Bloodiest year for news media | EMBARGOED FOR 0001GMT 3 May 2005 | THE INSI SAFETY CODE | Iraq editor killed, says U.S. media watchdog | INSI welcomes UN action to safeguard journalists | News Deaths Hit All-Time High